Swimming with Turtles in Abu-Dabbab

Fantastic to swim with these huge Green Turtles! – They pretty much stay in the Abu Dabbab Bay, and do not seem too bothered by snorkelers and divers. At least if you keep 1.5-2 meters distance. There is almost a 100% guarantee to see Green turtles in the bay – year around! Usually there are at least 10-15 present and if you try to go out in the middel of the bay you will meet them on the way. Somewhere on 2-10 meters…
The turtles have unique patterns and that can be used for recognition of the individuals. I recognised one of the individuals to be the same as on a photo from 15 years ago. This is not unrealistic as they can become more than 80 years old.
Turtle in the Red Sea

Green turtle in Abu Dabbab

By looking at the scales on each side of the head it is possible to identify single individuals. Learn more about recognising sea turtles.

Method for green turtle observations

Method for green turtle observations

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