Snorkeling equipment

Having good gear is first step towards enjoying the underwater world of wonders. A mask that fits and a snorkel to breathe through while gazing at the marine life underneath you is the most basic gear you will need.

basic equipment and some information is all you need

A mask and snorkel like this will definitely do for adults:

Please note that children MUST have a snorkel that fits their age.
It has to do with their lung capacity. Luckily there are a range of products for junior snorkelers as well..

Besides you will need a pair of wetshoes to avoid stings from sea urchins and poisonous stonefish (see the top 5 most poisnous fish in the Red Sea.

If you have become addicted to snorkeling then you can benefit from getting some more advanced equipment. Such as long fins, a wet suit and a weightbelt. Scaling up on gear means that you can stay in the water for hours and enjoy the life on the reef in details. And if you bring a camera. You can bring the memories back home to share with your friends and family.

advanced snorkeling equipment
Make sure you bring all the necessary equipment to the beach. Sun tan lotion is as important as your mask. Sign up for our newsletter to recieve your free copy of the comprehensive equipment check-list.