Snorkeling in Hurghada area of the Red Sea

If you go to Hurghada in Egypt for a holiday at the beach – then do not deny yourself the great experience of snorkeling in the Red Sea!
Many tourists come to the Red Sea to enjoy the sun and warm weather – and it is nice. BUT the underwater world is beautiful! – as deserted as the desert is – as colorful and lively is the coral reefs and the inhabitants..
Unfortunately, if you stay in the downtown Hurghada area the reef is not as great as if you stay elsewhere. But you will still be able to see colorful coral reefs and associated fish. If you stay a bit further south – e.g. Around Makadi Bay or even further south – near Safaga or towards Quseer, there you can experience exquisite house reefs just outside your hotel.

Unsure of how to determine if a hotel has a house reef worth snorkelling? Learn more in this  previous post.

If you are in Hurghada, then you have many options of going snorkeling on a day-trip by boat and visit reefs outside of Hurghada. E.g. near Abu Hashish that provide both sheltered, shallow reef areas as well as exposed outer reef type habitats.
And as you can learn more about elsewhere on this site, or in the easy underwater guide book, you will encounter different species depending on which part of the reef you are at.

So, again, – do not miss the chance to visit the underwater world in the Hurghada area …

Many beautiful places in Hurghada to go snorkeling in the Red Sea

Many beautiful places in Hurghada to go snorkeling in the Red Sea


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