Top-5 species to see

Here are 5 amazing species that always is a joy to meet while snorkeling in the Red Sea. And all five of them are species that you are likely to meet. I have encountered all species in Sharm, Hurghada and Marsa Alam.

1 – Sea Turtle 

Turtle in the Red SeaIt is not unrealistic that you will come across one of the most graceful animals of the Red Sea. The sea turtles. The can become old and large. Especially the Green Turtle (as the picture above) – but you are most likely to meet its cousin – the Hawksbill turtle. Will you help us to collect data on sea turtles? see here how you can help with your own observations

2 – Napoleon wrasse

Napoleon wrasse

The Napoleon can be enormous. And they are often curious, so it may come up near you to have a look. But the ususally hang on the outer reef down below you.

3 – Emperor angel

Emperor angel

The Emperor angel has a beautiful colouring. Once you have found it, you will see it again somewhere nearby. The usually stick to a certain homerange. So, if you find it on your hotel house reef, you can be quite confident that you will see it again approximately within the same area …

4 – Great Barracuda

Great barracudaThe Great barracuda looks mean – and it is. You may be surprised to find it on shallow water (even 0.5-1 meters depth) in the sandy areas or on top of the coral reef. But usually you will see the shadow of the fish and the two destinct black spots on the tail when you swim aong the reef edge and are looking out in the big blue.

5 – Clown fish (actually named Red Sea anemonefish)

Red Sea anemonefish - also known as the clownfish

The Red Sea anemonefish usually appear in pairs among the soft corals where they live and keep their eggs and young ones. If someone approach them they will defend their territory – even against you.

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