Snorkelling: How to get into the water for the first time

To fully enjoy snorkeling in the Red Sea it is important to get a good experience from the beginning – especially if you are bringing kids along.
Key steps:

  • put on all your equipment before going in the water
  • stay close to the entrance point in the beginning
  • stay relaxed and calm during the entire swim

It is a good idea to put on as much of your equipment as can before jumping in. The more loose and undone equipment you are carrying – the more likely you are to lose some of it.

do all equipment a go in the water slowly
If you can get into the water from a jetty or fixed platform, it is best to sit down and put on the fins first. Then prepare the mask (link) and ensure the snorkel is mounted and comfortable in your mouth. When you feel relaxed it is time to slide into the water. Make sure that your stay near the ladder for the first couple of seconds until you are breathing normally and are assured that the mask is tight and feels comfortable. Start exploring the marine life right there! There is usually a lot of fish hanging around the jetty/platform, and often some small invertebrates (link) growing underneath.
Remember to breath normally, however, when using a snorkel your breathing should be slightly deeper, so that get more air in your lungs with every breath.

Swim around and explore the reef in a relaxed and slow pace. No need to hurry, and if you swim slowly and keep your arms into your body with minimal movements, the fish will be have no fear and may swim quite close to you!
Snorkelling is all about relaxing and staying comfortable in the water. It is a mental thing. If you are not easy with diving down to the bottom of a swimming pool, then you should not experiment with it the first couple of times in the ocean. But it is also not necessary! – you can get a lot of nice experiences from the surface looking down. Some species form schools such as the scissortail sergeant that may surround you completely and come within centimeters of your eyes!

To ensure that your (or your kids) first time in the water is a nice and memorable experience, it is a good idea to end the swim before you feel any pain (e.g. from fins not quite fitting your feed), cold (if snorkeling in the cooler season) or exhausted.

make sure to put on sun tan lotion on the back, and on your arms, legs and ears

Make sure you bring all the necessary equipment to the beach. Sun tan lotion is as  important as your mask. Sign up for our newsletter to recieve your free copy of the comprehensive check-list.

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