There is always something going on. Many of the fish are constantly moving and they seem busy. Often busy feeding. And depending on their feeding strategy, the behavior is different. Ambush feeders are sitting still on the reef, e.g. smallscale scorpionfish or freckled hawkfish (eller en af de andre “frogfish”. While mullets are active swimming around in the sandy area swallowing sand and filtering it through the gills. You can often find the parrotfish biting off corals or the triggerfish.
Many fish prefer to stay hidden in the daytime or find shelter in the crowd. Thus fish such as squirrelfish, big eye, and soldierfish come out late in the day, when the sun is setting.
The Doublebar bream, many snappers, and yellowfin goatfish prefer staying in a group in the daytime and disperse to feed at night.
It is always fun to visit a cleaning station. – The bluestreak cleaner wrasse is always busy if other fish wants to get rid of parasites. And if you keep a few meters distance you may see a lot of different species coming for treat. And it is amazing to see a large fish that could easily eat the cleaner wrasse for an afternoon snack turn on the side and open the mouth and let the cleaner wrasse swim in and around the mouth and gills.