Red Sea snorkeling guidebook to fish in Hurghada

Red Sea Snorkeling – Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam

These pages are for you, who have obtained a copy of the book called Red Sea Snorkeling. The book is divided into several areas where you can see the fish – sand areas, top of the reef or how they behave – in schools, in pairs, etc.

On these pages you find more material, more explanations, more photos, and videos that can help you understand what to look for, or provide you with a better view of the fish you may encounter. And should you have questions – please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try to help.

You have direct access to each of the pages through the QR code in the book. Below you find links to all of the pages. At the bottom of the pages is a box with the headline ‘Extra material for the book’, which provide you with links to the pages at all times, while browsing the content.

You are of course also welcome to browse the rest of the website, for other information, not related to the book.

I hope you find it useful …



Coral reef on satellite images


Over the sand

Fish on the sand

On top of the reef

Fish in pairs

Schooling species

Groups of small fish

Along the wall

Sitting on the reef

Hide in the dark

Schools of silver

Silvery fish in the blue


Sea turtles in the Red Sea