Why RedSeaSnorkeling.com ??

The Red Sea Snorkeling website was created out of enthusiasm for the wonders of the marine life in the Red Sea.

Many people go to the Red Sea – mostly to enjoy the sun and warm weather. Many people also swim and even try to snorkel. However, the snorkeling experience get so much better if you know a little bit about the snorkeling techniques and the marine life you see. This website tries to help you get that

marine biologist Dennis Lisbjerg, author at Red Sea SnorkelingThe site is maintained by passionate snorkeler and marine biologist Dennis Lisbjerg, who had his first dive into the Red Sea more than 20 years ago.

Nowadays he frequents the Red Sea to snorkel with his family, wife and children.

If you have suggestions for content, questions or wish to contribute to this site, then feel free to contact us using the email form. It would be great to have more writers involved.

snorkeling and taking photos in the Red Sea