On top of the reef

On top of the reef

There is quite a few species that you will find on top of the reef. You do not need to dive down just stay close to the coral near the surface. If you start your swim from a bay or sheltered reef, then notice how the species change as you move towards the outer reef. Sometimes you should try to stop swimming, as some will seek shelter in crevices when you approach. If you stop moving for while, they will come back out and move further along the reef. Try to count how many different species you can see while staying in one spot. It is amazing!

One species that seem to be all over the place is the Sulphur damsel, it is a bright and beautiful fish. And also Klunzinger’s wrasse is very common. Notice how the Klunzinger’s wrasse is constantly on the move.

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In the book, I have included a range of the larger fish that you are very likely to see on top of the reef. However, if you look close, you may also see a range smaller fish. There is quite a number of other damselfish species than the Sulphur damsel. And they are territorial and thus stay in the same area all the time. Territorial fish also have a tendency of being aggressive, it makes them fun to try to photograph and easy to come back to again, if you want to see further detail of their colors or other. Some of the damsels have different colors or dots when they are juvenile.

You may wonder what the fish on top of the reef eat. Many feed on algae and may snack on other microorganisms, or small invertebrates, mollusks and sponges.