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book about snorkeling in the Red Sea
Red Sea snorkeling – the easy underwater guide

We are publishing the first edition of the Red Sea snorkeling guide in the begining of 2015. It contains description of more than 100 common species that you are likely to meet on your snorkeling trip along the reef at your hotel, or when participating on a snorkeling boat trip.

The book is not the classical systematical description of species, family by family, but guide you through the species most likely encountered on the sand, the top of the reef, in crevices and in the deeper/outer reef. Thus it should be more intuitive to find the name of the species that you met on your snorkeling trip.

We also have some supplemental material for the book readers on this website. You get free access to the material by using the QR codes in the book.

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Have fun!


sample pages from the Red Sea snorkeling guide book
As the fish are organised together by their habitat, colour or behaviour, it makes it very easy to figure out which species you saw.



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